Will we ever be able to trade IP ?

Hello Summoners. This idea came into my mind when one of my friends decided to quit LoL for good. He was in Diamond last season, owns all the champions, all the runes in game and he also has 24k IP. Pretty insane, i know. And as a casual i still don`t have all the champions and there are a few that i really want and they are either 4800-6300, i still have 2 rune pages and making IP is hard and i don`t really have that much free time in my hands to play and gather IP for new champions. I think i will need like 2 years more to get all the champions, damn. We talked and he said a thing like : "I don`t even need IP anymore lol, it will be awesome if we could give it to others to help them get champions and runes and stuff". So, what do you think ? Considering that IP is the currency that can be used to buy only Champions, Runes and Rune Pages, i guess it wouldn`t affect the game in a bad way, maybe it could promote a more friendly behaviour among players and maybe getting the chance to help someone get a champion they want or an additional Rune Page.
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