Should I start playing league again?

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I started playing in season 2 and only hit ranked at the very end of season 3, in which I barely made it to silver 5 at that time. I liked the Victorious Elise Skin so much that I swore to myself that I would improve each season by a tier ! Made it to gold, nearly plat in S4 and then peaked in plat in season 5.. Then pretty intense stuff happened irl around 2 months in of season 6 and I sat all season long in gold dunnowhat and started to get a job which held me back all season only to lose it 1 month after the season ended... This season I wanted to change this and tried my hardest to start the season out in a perfect placement (mentally and phisicly preparing before each ranked game and stuff) and im sitting on a 5:0 placement, BUT then I got anxious enough to keep playing. The reason for it might sound silly but, I've always been an adc main (NO I'm not a vayne/draven 1tp) and as I advanced in my placements I noticed I losed the lane more because of lazy support players which hide behind me or dont even try poking the enemies or not even using ther support items passive or ect. . In addition to that I lost many friends during my "break" only because I was that inactive, which is the biggest problem because I need acompany by other ppl, atleast verbaly. I'm more the team captain type that calls macro plays and tactics before teamfights, but not the tipical teamfight shotcaller. Now that you guys know all this of me, what would you do if you where in my shoes??? I'm gratefull for every bit of opinion I can get! PS.: I'm sorry for my english as I'm not a native speaker. For anyone instressted in my, I linked it in the post

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