There should be a Santa Bard as a Christmas skin this year ^^

I LOVE BARD <3 the champ just makes me smile all the time even during terrible times. so to keep the bard mains spirits high you should give us one riot ^^ Meeps could be poros instead and you like throw them into the enemy xD would be brilliant his torch could be a bell as well ^^ and he already has the beard and would look pretty good with a red santa hat on ^^ and instead of brass instruments for his noises it could be jingles and bell noises for the festive cheers ^^ his w could be like a bag of sweets on the ground that fills up over time the longer you wait for as its charge up ^^ so champs eat some tasty treats to heal up not sure about his Q, E, and R though... hmm well if anyone comes up ideas for those abilities you can share it in the comments :D bard is awesome and he would look great as santa xD
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