I'm finally beginning to finish my collection of champs.

Ever since season 4 I played on and off here and there. I started buying what cheap champs I thought were strong, then friend reccomendations, then the "nieche" champs that no one played (as I took great pride in playing Yorik, Heimer, Cass and Morde during most of the assasin/bruiser metas, no matter how badly I got stomped in lane; Yes, this is my version of "I'm vegan"), and afterwards I just started buying what I could from cheapest to most expensive. 2 months ago, I had 40 champs left to buy, all 4k+ BE, now I'm down to 16 (A lot of wich I really just don't like or seem attracted to playing). This event has been great for me, maybe some people would smash their head against their keyboards when they learned I spent, surely, more than 1k tokens just on champ shards (and one emote), but as someone who wants to be ready to play/pick anything and flex to the game, I'm extremely happy about this - even if it was through the payable pass. I just wish RIOT did more events where players could just grind their champs at a fast rate like this. Either way, that's all I wanted to say I guess. Good luck in your games everyone.
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