wasting time.

am i the only adc who when playing a normal prefers a normal/standard support. not a lee sin trying to support, a mao trying to supp or something off meta. i realise if someone wants to play a champ in a different spot im ok with it. but when sharing a lane could you please pick something meta/an actual support. if you take an off meta pick into mid/jungle/top thats fine. even if you lose lane, its fine. just play sensible and dont feed and its all good. but when you support its different. an adc needs someone who will support them. not someone theyll need to support. for those of you who feel this is a whiney/flame based post i offer my attitude on the matter. when im adc i prefer a traditional support/someone meta. sona, ali, soraka, thresh blitz. etc. if im solo lane and we get a supp lee sin, if the adc is fine with it im ok with it. if the adc doesnt want that, its also fine. just dont say yeah its fine then flame them for not performing how you expected. that said part of the reason i made this post was to see other peoples views after i dodged a game where someone wanted to play AP lee sin supp. so whilst i wait, im curious. to all the supps (mains or not) and adcs (again mains or not) what do you feel about what a supp should take? traditional support? or something so meta breaking its almost trolling? i genuinely want to know what other people think (as long as no one sits there telling everyone theyre stupid for not thinking AP lee sin support is OP or something equally daft) we all have opinions and id love to see some :D
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