The game is becoming completely terrible

Legit been waiting for an hour on this goddamn login queue, finally managed to get in the game, and what do you know! I start a game, game glitches leaving as soon as the game starts, and now it wont even let me start a match, Riot, you guys are becoming L A Z Y!!!!! Every new game modes that come out bring these goddamn problems glued to them, i am honestly getting tired of stuff like this i have wasted 2 hours trying to play a single game! If this is what the future holds, i'd rather not get any new game modes, because they are terrible and uninteresting, really? chess? come on!!! NOBODY WANTS CHESS!!!! It isnt fun, it is super RNG based, and made the server crash, remove it from the game, and work on stuff actually worth working on like: Punishing smurfs for doing accounts to play in silver and gold, because i am honestly tired of getting queue'd up against plats and diamonds every time i try to play, the fact that players that are lvl 30 and never played ranked getting queue'd with my parties(gold btw), balancing Champions like Irelia, Aatrox and Tham Kench, which have the most broken dueling top lane kits (wont even talk about fiora because she has been like this for ages), and lets not even begin on reworking old Champions, which arent EVEN VIABLE IN THE META ANYMORE SO THEY CANT BE PLAYED! Hope you guys actually read this and wake up, because these are only a few of the problems with the game, but what do you guys do: release a new game mode which is boring and uninteresting, make the pets buyable for a ridiculous amount, and new skins for, guess what, Champions who got some very recently!!!! Congratulations!! We'll keep waiting for a morde skin or a bard skin, which havent gotten any since season 6 or 7, cant even remember because it has been THAT LONG!
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