Should Riot release more drawings ?

Hello I'm Theoempire . I am a student at The Brussels Art Institute (belgium) Anyway I'm really intressted in the Skeches of Riot : how the champion became what he is now. For example Kindred has a really intresting story but you barely see the very beginning of one of these champs or skins I mean you never see the first sketches of them. And I think its really sad cause im sure they are as beautyfull as the champ that is finished and as an artist personally I would also anjoy that people could actually see my work. im pretty sure its also binding you as player more to the champion cause you get why he is designed as he is. for example here i take Rammus when u see him u get that he is tanky and goes fast. I really hope im not the only one with this Idee and if u agree with me plz vote this up or comment this cause then we may can change this :) ps: i'm truelly sorry for my bad Englisch but its my third langue and its kindoff hard for me to write. this is also because of my Dyslectie Deer regards theoempire. {{champion:267}}

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