Banning people using MK Jogo?

Why the heck would you ban someone using custom skins? Riot used to donate to charites (won't forget Red Cross Akali), but at the same time bans people who use custom skins, mainly because they don't have enough money to buy skins "legally". I understand that your designers work hard to create new skins and skins are the most significant factor of Riot's money making, but I thought you were next to the players. Next to those that had no money to donate to the game. Isn't it why you make your game free to play? Isn't it why you donate money to charity often? Anyway, I believe that mk JOGO works for league of legends, as people who try out skins are more likely to buy then after (same principle as piracy). You know that people who don't donate money donate something more valuable to you. TIME. We spend money, and we earn money, but we spend time and we are never going to take it back. Riot, keep up the hard work AND Condolence to those who got banned because they used custom skins, including myself. A player since Season 1 & Beta .
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