Why I dont hate dynamic queue

I am by no means a point of professional reference. I am a mere silver pleb. But every other season, I have been bronze. The reason I was able to climb, and still am able to climb, is because of Dynamic queue. I am a jungle main, and have put lots of effort into perfecting my craft. dynamic queue allows me to slot into my preferred roles. In previous seasons, it was first come, first serve. So if I was unlucky enough to be second to last or last pick, I would be forced to supp a toxic adc that has 35 farm at 20 minutes, and most likely a bronze lee sin that misses all his qs, loses all the dragons, and oh look he died to red buff again and its somehow the supp's fault... So yea, I guess for higher elo players it isn't great. However for trash elo, it has put in place some form or order within the chaos... so can someone explain to me the hatred for dynamic queue?
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