Silver and Judgment Kayle

Ok so on other servers people got the chance to either get a "lucky crate" for Kayle and Morgana that had a chance to give them Silver or Judgment Kayle (SEA server). I also heard that on the VN server you could buy Judgment but IDK if that is true. Either way I want to know if other servers will get this or not? If not then why? Don't give me the bs of "oh, they are so special so they can't" because they clearly aren't since people could get them (if not for the event ending yesterday and me finding out today I would have gone for those lucky crates). Is the reason they do not do such things in European and American servers because they want to keep the illusion alive of those skins being never available again? Or because they fear that 0,001 procent of the player base will rage and stop playing?
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