A message to Riot.

Quick note: This was written before 9.14 hit. So I've been protecting Riot for quite some time now. I understand that maintaining such a giant game is hard to do, but... this is going too far. TL'DR at the bottom. League, to me, is losing its image of being the game where the smaller bugs don't exist for long. The image of having known bugs, to an extent, being fixed within days, if not hours of reporting. This quality image is fading and I'm starting to agree with most of what the (of what I first thought were just) screamers say. The people that blindly scream on the forums about anything. The people that got angry about this stuff. I was quite harsh on those people, but I'm actually starting to agree... I'm reaching my limits. There are so many little things, little bugs, balance issues, etc. that are just getting under my skin. Bugs like the texture of the vision plant still rendering when popped (after WEEKS still a thing btw), the dumb ass hitboxes of some spells that take months to get adjusted (high noon thresh Q for example) - if at all. The terrible practice tool that was fun for a day before it reached its limits or things that just screams "they rushed me", the month-long spectator crash, the mutes not muting emotes taking ages to fix, even though it is (or should be) literately a 5-minute fix..... It's all just... disappointing. (Oh, and /mute or /ignore now also mutes pings instead of chat only, making /fullmute useless. Did you guys even test this??) I get that there's a lot of work to be done, and that there are a lot of cool new changes to be made, and that there's a priority of bugs and such, but a lot of what makes a game great is how much it FEELS like it's in a finished state / not a beta state. Dumb hitboxes have always been a thing and that's league, really. We got used to most of them, and the weird / unclear ones, like Jax E, have been cleared up (even though that took years). I accepted it. However, bugs like the vision plant rendering entirely, the blasting plant rendering its circle without being there, mutes not muting properly, etc. are just not OK. It shouldn't take long to fix these things (and if it does, it's a wakeup call) and they MASSIVELY help to that finished / non-beta feel, but they aren't being fixed. Don't get me wrong. There are a lot of bugs that are being fixed (just look at the midpatch updated this patch), but some are just taking too long to fix. Coming back at the practice tool for example. Why did it take a year to get the option to get tear fully stacked? Why does the no-cooldown option not give 100% cdr or whatever, but works on a timer thing, as well as health and mana? Why can I not set the HP, armor and MR of training dummies so testing builds with bork or liandries for example is not 100% useless? Why can I only add a single bot? Why can I not spawn rift or baron earlier / on command? How does that plant respawn toggle even work? Only some plants actually spawn instantly. The practice tool has so much potential but is neglected completely... So many features are being neglected. So many easy-to-fix bugs are not being fixed (properly). It's just getting too annoying. **EDIT**:: Another thing, like Mitsuk3 has pointed out, is the client. I can rant about this for an hour, but I'll keep it short. The client...... kinda sucks, if I'm honest. The performance sucks, there are a lot of bugs, and some features of the old client had been dropped (RIP spectating high elo ARAM games). The client is the very first interaction with the game, and it looks good on the surface, but only on the surface. It's chromium based, so the performance for something like this is pretty terrible. Since everything is connection based for security and control reasons, having a slow connection absolutely destroys the performance of the client's features. Hextech crafting still does not load properly after finishing a game (you need to go to the store first), which has been "fixed" several times, came back several times, and gave up on. Come on guys... The client was released as a beta, later forced while being a beta, and even though (as far as I know) it isn't in beta anymore, it feels like it is after spending more time with it. **EDIT 2**:: Last thing. The performance (FPS) of the game has tanked a LOT without them giving any detail to why or an ETA on the fix. I now get ~60 fps, instead of the 90+ i usually get... More and more is building up. It almost seems like Riot is not able to support all their changes duo a lack of staff and refusing to admit that. More and more things feel rushed, things aren't completed while having so much potential and that's just a shame... Get your shit together. Make the game feel complete again. The next patch will be gigantic, so maybe the patch after that a "we're just gonna get our shit together" patch? **EDIT**:: TL'DR: League is getting more and more small bugs that ruin the feel of the game, without them being fixed quickly like they used to. The vision plant being visable even thought not active, which has been happening for a month, is an example. The game feels like it's in beta again. The client is pretty terrible with its many bugs and performance issues which, again, leads to that beta / incomplete feel. There are many features like the practice tool that have a lot of potential, but are simply neglected. It's getting too much... It's starting to feel like Riot is trying too much with too little staff, without admitting it. Riot... Get your shit together. League is a great game, so KEEP it that way. You're on the top **for a reason**.
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