A complaint to Riot

Dear Riot This is too much now. You have done too much to the game to try and make more people play your game League of Legends. You have change the game too much and it shows a lot. It is clear, that you have changed your developer team out with new people, that does not take the game serious nor love it. You can see this as a complaint of some sort, because the game is no longer fun nor what it was intended. Riot was created to riot against a better game. Your game is no longer what it once was. It was a better game, but now you have changed it too much. To name a few examples to show you, what I mean. 1) True Damage When you implanted the true damage, you made the game too unbalanced. When you made the rune Conqueror, the game got turned upside down. Of course AD Bruisers need a rune, but Hail of Blades is a good rune for them. Implanting True damage that they can abuse infinitely is simply too broken in Early, Mid and Late game. The changes to AD items have also been a major change since it now gives free true damage to every AD champion. This means, that no tank nor mage will be able to survive which also is true, since no one in their right mind would play something that isn't broken. 2) Changing champions I heard that you are doing some changes to Yasuo and Aatrox, since they doesn't fit into the new AD meta. I can understand this, but at the same time, it shows that you do not care about the other champions. If you did, you would notice, that champions like Ryze, Azir, Gragas and Urgot have the lowest win-rate for 4+ months. Irelia might have needed some changes, but not the changes she got. She has too much of an advantage against other players like damage reduction, built-in life steal, disarm, slow etc. This leads me to my next topic. 3) Broken on purpose It is clear, that you make your newer champions "broken" on purpose. If you take a look at Blitzcranks abilities and Kai'sa, you would quickly see, that Kai'sa has long describtions about every ability. It also confirms, that every ability is beneficial for her like, "how fun is it that she scales with AP that convenient is for her Passive and her W". I know I might be nitpicking, but in contrast to Blitzcrank, then his Passive scales with mana, which no normal person would buy the most of. Therefore this because a somewhat "useless" scaling that can benefit him in a very small way. Even the champions you rework becomes somewhat a beast to play, since you give them convenient abilities. For the past two years, you can feel that every new champion or rework become somewhat "broken". This is too unbalanced in the long run, since everyone is abusing the new champions. 4) Unpopular champions Another topic I have is that most skins are giving to popular champions. People are of course buy the skins that they want to their favorite champion, but that means that the unpopular champions aren't getting any love. This makes people don't want to play those champions, because they have outdated skins. Take a look at Urgot, who hasn't got a skin for the past 5 years. This is not okay, and it show how you do not care about your player base. If you did care, you would have given us the Snowman Urgot skin, that we have longed for so long. 5) Win as a team or lose as team You want the game to be more of a teamplayed game, yet you made it unbalanced. If one lane loses, everyone loses therefore you go down as a team. If you win, you win as a team. Of course you can see the team aspect, but you cannot solo carry the game anymore. Many Youtubers and LOL players have talked and discussed this, yet you have made some few mentions about changing it yet you have changed it for the worse. The cause of this is the unrelenting AD Bruisers. They are tanky, they deal a lot of damage, they can crit, they can abuse true damage and they can life steal. In contrast to mages, then they can only burst them. Of course they can buy a Zhonya's Hourglass, but that will only delay their deaths. Mages does not have the survivability nor the damage, and tanks aren't able to survive it either. This means that every game will either contain a Bruiser or Assassin or both. 6) Too many changes You are constantly changing the game. This is really good, since the game needs to be updated constantly, since the playerbase is massive. At some points, you do have some weird changes, that most people are going to scratch their heads from. An example would be Ryze. You have changed Ryze many times over the years. This has been great, bad and confusing at the same time. We learned to live with it. One patch note we didn't understand was, why did you make it, so Ryze couldn't use Zhonya's Hourglass while he ulted. This made him have a really hard time against other champions, since he could survive as great as he could before. Another thing, that you did in that patch was you nerfed him hard in the ground. He might have needed some nerfs, but not the nerfs he got. In contrast, we could also look at Rengar. Not too long ago, he got 3-5 buffs in a row. Rengar was strong at the moment. He wasn't the strongest nor the weakest. He had a perfect kit. Suddenly you started buffing him out of the blue, which made Rengar unstoppable. This also leads me to my last topic. 7) Harder time learning the game Due to the constant changes in the game, it is hard for new players and old players to learn every new detail. This can lead many people to change their roles, runes, items and overall impression of the game. An example could be Shaco top. He used to be fun and challenging to play in top. In season 7 you made a lot of changes for him, the changes to jungle and changed his kit. This made it almost impossible to play the old Shaco top, that most people loved playing. You changed Shaco's role. A player, who only played Shaco top, was either forced to lose his games, pick a new role or pick a new champion. Harsh and challenging for new and old players. To conclude this, I feel that you do not take care about your game that you once used to. I do have in mind, that you have become a very big company, but that doesn't mean, that you should change your love for the game. I have been playing the game since 2009, and I can feel, that the game has changed to much during the last half year +. Many are leaving the game due to this, and it hurts me, but I feel the same. You have lost my interest and I will no longer use my money on you. Sincere Champion of Ash (EUW)
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