Match making is not fair anymore since the new system

So we just had our group tier avarage bronze 1 face a gold 4 avarage with a gold 3 jinx .. and premade with a zed with 100 % win rate already gold x and a gold 1 tresh support ... and the funny thing is i wont complain about that but the fact that my 3 premade guys just troll and say why not its just flex.... just look at this and u will be laughing too :) i still get 40 lp per win and lose 13 so but the fact that someone would do this is not even funny anymore what happend to the gold old days when u had 1500 lp match ups vs 1490 and so on or 1600 avarage vs 1650 ... what ever ... but bronze 1 and gold 1 are miles apart so thanks again for that riot ., you should even have the balls to give that elo back and say sorry match making wasent working properly ... and the aftermath ofcourse . look at bot and mid farm and i am morde jungle and look at my farm kills and sadly deaths cause team does not help .
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