what skin says about players

Queen Ashe - modest players, good at shooting crystal arrow and map revealing frostfire annie - oldschool player, scary at poking steel legion garen - will yell FOR THE EMPERAH or PURGE HERETICS oktoberfest gragas - already drunk ig, will spell horrible but shoot with german perfection unmasked kyle - rare sight, will get fed by 10th minute harbringer kassadin - will say he acquires aditional pylons pentakill karthus - will spam ctrl-3 whenever it's possible full metal pantheon - will yell "sparta" when ulting, followed by "TSU" "TSU" "TSU" after kill uncle ryze - delivers freedom onto the enemy oil inhibitors surfer singed - the master of banter and speed, take care even if he's on your team AOTFA taric - "smash" , "smash" , "smash"......"smash" spirit guard udyr - bad at jungling, escaping, will flame others believing he belongs in diamond nosferatu vladimir - silent, excells in farming and aoe spreading thunderlord volibear - "he liked golden compass movie" demon vi - fetishizes about snu snu undertaker yorick - stares into your soul as the undertaker's intro plays in the background any yasuo skin- durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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