Does the League Of Legends fall apart?(MUST READ) Hello there, I am not an active member of the forum, but I have seen many articles about Riot Games... Sexism, Racism, the situation between Riot and Tencent is getting worse... They even conclude posts where members try to express their thoughts and try to give them some useful advice...There is the proof: Riot reduced the budget for Worlds and other competitions. The Riot Games have decided to cut the budgets that were distributed to the League of Legend from 20 to 70%. The tournaments will be watched by tears and based on these tracks, money will be reduced... Tier 1 (Main Tear WORLDS) - Investments in the tournament will be reduced by 20% Tier 2 (LCS) - Investments in the tournament will be reduced by 34% Tier 3 (Lower Leagues) - Investments in the tournament will be reduced by 45% Tier 4 (Amateur leagues and academies) - Investments in tournaments will be reduced by 60% Tier 5 (Riot Event Tournaments) - Investments will be reduced by 70% Tier 6 (Private Tournaments with Riot Support) - The money investment will be completely abolished, while Nagarades will continue to remain as RP and Skins as before... {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} In the last couple of years, the League Of Legends itself is surrounded by only negative things, rarely when something is happening other than changes in the game itself. A couple of good Riot workers left the job because of poor conditions, intolerance...This is why the Clash Event is delayed and it has bugs. Riot Games has always been on the list for the most desirable firms to work, but we later found that the conditions are not good, that the women are mistreated, and many people left the Riot Games because of many things... {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} Also here is the disagreement between Riot Games and Tencent...For some who do not know the Tencent is a owner of the Riot Games company. The Tencent itself realized that the mobile games expanded across China and other countries, but the riot did not want to implement their plan to make the mobile game. Imagine a project yourself where you could be at school, college, at home, anywhere else, to play a league mobile game and collect blue essence and when you come home, buy a champion or something else...Therefore, they would expand the game, the number of players, maybe even the budget, who knows. But let's get back to the subject. Now that Riot Games wants to implant something Tencent just refuses them, because they did not want to make a mobile game, and the Tencent realized that they had lost a lot of money To bring this subject to the end, why did Riot Games do not make a special competition where members would give different tips and, reward them with skins, rp, blue essence or anything else, I can bet that there are a lot of smart people here who can contribute enough for our community. I hope the Riot member will not lock this post, and understand this seriously, together with the community and the Riot we can make the game a better place for everyone. Thank you for reading this, maybe something was not written correctly because I used the translator. See you at the Summoners Rift! {{sticker:sg-soraka}}

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