So that's how Riot stole our orange essence

Everyone should know by now that skin shards lost most of their value when disenchanting them. That's because riot is simply complaining about a loss of money due to the new runes being free. And that's something I would understand. The thing I don't understand is the way they changed the value of the shards, instead of lowering the value of the newly obtained shards they lowered also the ones already in our inventory, simply stealing away what they previously gifted. Someone may say in the FAQ they stated those changes, but the information wasn't simply there, wasn't clear enough, and wasn't clear enough for a simple reason, they counted on the confusion to mislead people into losing their orange essence. Especially in many localized FAQ there was no reference to orange essence, in particular this passage written in english "we'll tune down the relative value of the essence you get from disenchanting shards of all types—champ shards, skin shards, and ward skin shards. "is translated in italian as we'll tune down the relative value of the BLU essence you get from disenchanting shards" and while the pre season intro video was stating the same who could have guessed they would have changed also how orange essence work? Not to mention the fact orange essence changes were not displayed clearly and the generic messages about disenchanting shards may have been just referred to the blu ones, and many many people thought so, just look at how many people are complaining online. This is a dishonest behavior from riot, as a player who invested many time and money into the game bringing friends into it I feel betrayed. I repeat myself I'm not complaining about the reduction in the amount of orange essence you get from skin shards, I'm complaining the fact they have not been clear about the change, misleading people that it was just going to affect blu essence, making them lose the total amount of orange essence from the shards they already had. For example I have almost 35 skin shards I wasn't using, I was just leaving them there. Now it's like I lost all of them with the new system, it's like they asked me back something that was gifted. And many friends are in the same position of mine.
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