Can not get an S even if i play very well

So i just played this zed game and i played very well , heck i even shotcalled my team a bit (witch is not something i do often) and i honestly thought i was getting a S or a S- I got A+ , honestly riot im getting sick of getting A+ with very well played games and then see noobs get S- somehow. I did play this game with a thresh supp with me picking draven , the dude kept trying to execute my farm making me miss it because he did not know that long range champions dont execute , he threw hooks with minions infront of him , and he was the worst of the team in my opinion , yet he got a S- , i got a c witch was about right for that game i guess , i did play very poorly so i guess the score was fair enough , but then to see him get S-? That kind of angered me because he got a S- for playing shitty and i get A+ for good games . Honestly i hope riot fixes this system or something to make it more accurate because right now it is anithing but accurate from what ive seen so far, and before you say in chat that this compares you to other players , true it does compare you to other players but the main thing to get a S is just farming and that, is not what it should just be about. (and its not just thresh that angered me a bit about the system 2, the only S i got where S- playing champs i din't own hence not giving me the box.)
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