Don't f*ck up Kata

I love {{champion:55}} gameplay it's so fun to play her and now I see riot decided to do major rework on her on assassins rework... GG RITO... You already destroyed my ex favorite champions which are skarner yorick and even fiora and now u decide to fuck up my main, katarina :( She is perfect as she is.. Insanely fun to play and can be countered with CC. has 50% winrate and decent pick/ban rate What is her rework going to look like? Like every fucking rework rito does, fucking completley destroys champion and makes it unfun to play. I guess like this: Q skill shot ? W every third attack will deal percent health damage? Or some shit skillshot cone damage infront of you E no more ward jumping which was one of the best things on kata? That's how I think they will fuck up {{champion:55}} ... now kids who got penta'd and ban kata every single ranked will start to down vote this ... omg !! Nerf kata !! my reflex is too slow to stun her burst !!! PLS NERF
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