Normals Matchmaking is complete and utter BS

Title. Seriously, the last 2 weeks, almost all normals I played had the same scenario : Our Team : 2-3 below 30's, not a single one with a rank. Enemy Team : one Bronze, 3 Silvers, and a Gold 5. Like seriously, what the fuck? I get that ranked and normal MMR are different (which is still stupid btw), but to puit BELOW LEVEL THIRTIES that don't even have a full mastery page into one team, against a full lvl 30 team, that also most likely have a full runepage,is the single most massive failure of matchmaking I've ever seen in a game, and this is from someone who gets matched vs Double-AK as a Silver Elite with pisspoor skills in CSGO ranked constantly. Like, at least ensure the damn level average is the same. And really, Ranked MMR needs to be treated as normal MMR if it is higher than the normal MMR (other way around obv. not), otherwise you have a ton of cases of people that almost never play normals and thus have really bad normal mmr, but still have thrice or quadruple the matches played, if not even won, than the ones they get matched against.
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