Bans are exaggerated

This is just a sugestion, I think permanent bans are quite excessive as a punishment at least for a fourth offense thing, it should be at least a 10 phase ban, for example, first 4 offenses would be scalling chat restrict like 15 then 25 then 50 and 100 games, next 4 offenses would be 1 week ban and 50 chat restrict after that , 2 weeks ban 100 chat restrict, 1 month and 20 days ranked ban, 2 month ban and 1 month ranked ban, Last 2 offense would be critical like a 4 months ban and then perma ban, its just an example but you can be alot creative(if one players gets alot of offenses playing ranked, ban ranked games for him) with it because people spend alot of money on the game and a permanent ban so early is kinda of unfair
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