I am disgusted by Riot

The fact that they can't punish an intentional feeder but they punish others for saying "bad" or "ur stupid lol" is so f***ing disgusting. I am hardstuck Gold and guess why. No, I am not bad. I got gud. I can't carry the game when my mid feeds the enemy Akali so much that she one shots our adc in 0.33 seconds. This is dumb. I cant get out of this hell because my teammates hold me back. I play even the most braindead champions like Trynda and I just can't. Mid has 0/12. Soraka bot gets ap items and at level 6 she doesn't unlock R but max Q. And it's happening very often. I am so mad. I love this game but I hate the people who run it. We don't need any Aatrox rework or Fiddle Rework. We need the Riot stuff rework. Not the artists. Those have my respect. The ones who are lazy to create a volunteering team to watch the report cards and punish people manually, not a robot who has no sense of its surroundings. Why not create an "Overwatch Team" just like in CS:GO where you watch people who have been reported more than once and then decide if he was guilty or not. I'm just a teen and I have ideas like these but Riot who is a company with 20-something billions can't implement this into the game. Maybe not exactly like this but do something about slightly intentional feeders who throw the game intentionally but make it in a way that the automatic system can't spot Jesus f****ing christ this game tilts me irl
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