Worries of the new generation of gamers, an open letter to whomever it concerns

I've noticed quite the behavior from a bunch of gamers the last week or so, and here is my conclusion; On average, there is atleast one summoner in every game that complain about their ping. I wouldn't think twice about this if they actually had something to complain about, but im getting really pissed at gamers that states that 'oooh 150ms ping is to much, I cant play like this' and then just afk/leave. So im getting quite sick of this, so here's an open letter to whomever it concerns. Dear picky gamer that complain that your ping is 'High' No, 100ms is not high ping. Neither is 200ms, or 300ms. When we get closer to a second, then you can claim that you have high ping. (Just have to make this clear for everyone that I actually played with a Garen that said "I cant play with 300ms in ping!! You guys know what that means, it means that I see everything 3 SECONDS AFTER EVERYONE ELSE!!", and then couldn't accept the fact that 300ms is 0,3 seconds.) Stop the whining about your ever so slightly higher ping than you would like to have and learn to play with it instead. If you think you are a great player but a slightly higher ping put you off your game and make the champ unplayable, then let's face it; You are not a great player. (If the champion is not a skill-shot based champion then you are Really not a great player.) Instead of complaining and afk/leave, embrace the ping and make the best of the opportunity. If you can play well with ping it helps you learn faster how to anticipate the next moves from the enemy, and in the end makes you a better gamer overall. And the last thing is - Just play and have fun with it. Games is here to entertain you. I get that it's not always fun to play a game with high ping, but think how it is for us when you force your team to play 4v5. And if you don't care about your team, go and play a single-player game instead. Sincerely A player that have been here for quite some time now, and played through with your 'so called' high ping tons of times.
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