Bots are ruining the players experience

Recently I have been playing Co-op vs AI intermediate because I remember that it was less stressful than normal games, but now I found out I'm wrong, it's even more stressful, every match there are 3-4 intro bots on our team, and they don't help at all, they just leave the base when minions spawn, they all go to mid lane, stay under the mid lane turret without moving and even sometimes they disconnected from the game, sometimes there's no one on top lane from our team making the enemies bots able to win toplane easily, there was one game that the enemies bots were on my base and the bots on my team were in mid lane still feeding, Riot if you want to put bots on our team then do, but not intro bots (this is funny because intro bots are even better than these ones), add bots from the same level as the enemy team bots, intermediate bots. This is not challenging this is unwinnable.
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