Here are some original variations to use in the word "Noob" place!

Spark a little original insult is always better than same old dusty boring word "noob". Be original when you curse! :) So here are some fun insults! Limp-Noodle Chucklehead Wimp Klutz Beetle-Headed, Flap-Eared Knave (Ah, Shakespeare....) Smellfungus Ultracrepidarian (A sophisticated word for person who likes to criticize, but does not know what they are talking about) Ass-Wagon Thin-Lipped Harpie Hairy Butt Rash Jack Bitch (A female jackass) Dick Tree Aquatard Dickflap Piss Artist Ragamuffin Square Shoeless Bum Dipshit Jerkface Suck a Prick (A good alternative to the overused "suck a dick") Have fun!

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