1BE Capsule Riot 14-21 January 2019

This is what has happened: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/uk0MeJ18-update-on-yesterdays-capsule-pricing-error What we all need to do guys is easy just stop playing it for a week. We are Garen's army, we are many, we are strong, and ready for to fight for JUSTICE From next week on 14-21 of January; we are Rioting RIOT . All you need to do is NOT PLAY GAME FOR A WEEK. Why? You won't realize but we are part of content. It is 5 vs 5 game. If not you there can be someone who have paid for Rıot from that other 9 players. Means that by playing game, you are making their payment usefull So? Stop playing. What is gonna happen is the Queing time will increase ;THe skill gap between teams will also increase so the game will be unbalanced. Free-Playing is actually not free. Why you are thing to get Chest, why you are triyn gto do missions if only thing you need to do is find a bug and abuse, cuz there is no consequences. And there are more Free-players than paid players. So basicall from tomorrow on STOP PLAYING. YOu can not imagine what we all can do if we stop playing. Other things you can do: Translate this post and post it in your countries boards. Not all young people knows English. From now on every time you see fancy skin, you can write : "/all 1 BE Capsule?" Cuz not many people actually knows about this, let people know it. Put a status about 1BE Capsule Scandal SO if we all do this, they have to do something. YOu can share links about 1 BE Scandal to players online on your list also :) Not many people uses boards :) Also everyone is welcome to carry these action to other platforms like Reddit etc :) All twitch and Youtube Players, We are also asking you to join us in the fight for justice. We are gonna put link to your channel if you show us you are with us in this fight with justice :) Peace Out.
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