Work hard to get high ?

I'm asking myself if that works in that game too. Im addicted and i play like 3 hours per day, i started 1 year ago from silver 5 and now i managed to reach plat 5 which isn't very high, but i must tell u, i don't see any big differences between silver players and diamond players, there are still a lot of players who can only flame, who doesn't main a role, play what they want to play, and very unskilled players, really that's too annoying, i gained experience by playing till now, and i learned it's 60-70% luck (i mean the chance of getting no more than 1 flamer or kid with very very bad attitude and no logics) and rest is just your skill and attitude. Eh, there is only one thing to describe what i said so far.. ELO BOOST.

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