Loss prevented with AFK in team and more LP if you win with AFK

Hello! Yesterday I got demoted and lost my promotion series twice just cause of AFK people, I'm aware that's a very high number for only one day but the AFK's are becoming a habit right now and it doesn't look to slow down. The reason to why it becomes more usual is because people have more than one account, yesterday my Draven said '' I'll play on another account, cya. '' and then left the game. Those people doesn't care if they get banned cause one account doesn't matter, in the end it's us who have to stay in the game and lose LP that takes the hit. That's why I would like to impliment a system, since the game can read if you're AFK before the lobby after the game it would be fairly easy to create a system where if a teammate has been afk for more than 10 Minutes you get loss prevented if you lose but also gain more LP if you win, cause you have shown that even with a teammate less you can still pull out a win which should be rewarded, not punished. When I sent a ticket to riot I got this answer so I know that if we show enough attention to this post, this could be reality. Riots response: '' Thank you so much for your feedback. I find your idea to be really on point and I have to encourage you to write down your suggestion on the Boards. Although we, the support team, cannot send feedback directly to our development team, our devs are constantly looking at the Boards to get a feel for things players think could be improved. '' Hope you all have a great day and feel free to spam this post so it get's riots development teams attention! To prevent boosting methods if a duo goes AFK you should not get loss prevented / more LP. Only if you're solo q, or if your duo but neither of you two goes AFK. {{sticker:katarina-love}}
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