What gaming setup do you have?

As title said, For me personally after my 3 weeks of holidays im ordering a brand new Build myself pc Im doing a huge overhaul replacing even my mouse,keyboards, earbuds etc.. For now i have a 10 year old mac that im forced to play on low settings or it will crash, along with a shitty mac mechanical keyboard which is more then 10 years old!!! still managed to get to Silver lol but all of that is gonna change... i hope this thread can bring interest and help for anyone with questions or suggestions with their build.. anyway im getting this new gaming comp soon (building myself) Im going big and hard (no homo) over 1200 euros approx (1300$) LINK; http://pcpartpicker.com/p/pBTChM now of course im not insane that im gonna use it for league only, but im really happy.. However i might need suggestions for a keybaord and mouse
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