Game mode suggestion - A Real Weapon

Since I started League way way back in 2010 I've always wanted to see Jax with a real weapon. With the Lee Sin skin teaser it seams Riot are open to the idea of a champion getting something that is lost to them. Jax is also stupidly strong in URF. "1 v 9" seems to have become a thing and we have seen a raid boss in the form of Teemo. So let's bring that all together, give Jax a real weapon which increases his base stats and scaling SIGNIFICANTLY, make it stupidly high, the the point where it takes several minutes of dealing damage to kill him and make it easy for him to kill. Give him URF cooldowns, unlimited gold at the start of the game and then pit him against 9 other players on murder bridge . Make it so he cannot deal damage to turrets (only minion damage) and he is unable to respawn after death, meaning kill him once win the game. The 9 normal players getting the beloved revive spell back and homeguards on respawn so they can actually defend. Also give them a very fast gold gain rate and prevent Jax from going beyond the tower range so he cannot spawn camp I have always wanted a proper raid boss in League, I think it would be great.
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