I HATE PRESEASON (now that I got your attention, click me)

We are only in DAY 4 of preseason. Let me repeat that for you just one second. #WE ARE IN DAY 4 OF PRESEASON ___ If you forgot how League of Legends works during this time of the year, **it's intentionally supposed to be a complete sht show**. Some things are broken, other things are complete trash and killed by Rito. Riot KNOWS, and they did this on purpose. WHY?! To see how they can buff/nerf/adjust everything in order for season 10 to be as good as possible. "Riot destroyed the support role, Im going to commit not living, I spent 20k Euros in league I demand my money back as well as a Ferrari because I am a level 400 diamond 1 99LP Thresh Mastery 7 thresh". If that is you, first of all, calm down. Yes the changes are crap. But do you honestly think Riot is stupid enough to ship the changes as is for season 10? #NO The preason lasts until the end of January. We still have two months (approximately) of preseason. TWO MONTHS to get everything settled. TWO MONTHS to buff the support role. TWO MONTHS to make jungle adjustments. TWO MONTHS... ___ It has only been 4 days out of 2 months (+/-). Riot already heard our cries, anything that is not contributing to help make the role better will be 110% ignored. So if you love the support role, take the time to explain why. 4 days is not enough to get an opinion btw. Its like asking asking a University student to make their Bachelor's thesis (or whatever the correct term is in english) in a week. AKA. You cannot rush an opinion. ___ Thank you for downvoting, and have a pleasent rage fest :)
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