I had a recent misfortune of my friend having bought something on my account, worth about 2000rp, which I immediately wished to refund, and realized that if I wanted to do so would cost me a refund token. This made me think of why is the LOL staff taking advantage of such a matter or exploiting it by money from our accounts for mistakes such as this, and decided on making them aware of a way around so both sides not be treated unfairly. I'm glad that one of the staff advised me to put this up here and make the whole community to have a say on the matter. I propose that the best option for anything being bought the LOL staff should introduce a loophole whereby if players wish to refund anything between 1-5 minutes of buying it it should be allowed freely, because it certainly would not have been used in that amount of time and these kind of mistakes would be fixed immediately without being a problem for anyone. The reason I think this is most important is it would display the intentions of the player and also give them some time to sort out a serious realistic issue if it ever occurs as how money is spent is very important to this community. This would improve player satisfaction heaps in the long run as well.
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