Why Shards and not just BE as reward?

Why cant we get some IP/blue stuff when we play games or when we level up? That way i don't have to use the "Loot" Page and shards, like why do we need loot anyways? I just want to get more champions, and this just adds one more step to the process, play -> open box -> hope your lucky and get the champ you want -> crafting -> new champion. Before it was - play -> buy champion. I just played 9 games, well past 3 days and got my first level up, and i got 3 shards of champions i already own, so i guess i really didnt really get anything. And I KNOW you can disenchant, but for max value, you now have to upgrade a shard for max value, SO i must hope to get what i want, instead of just picking the one i want,, Sounds a lot like lootboxes... https://imgur.com/t5cgwMc I suggest that they remove the random drops and replace it with just BE, so we can choose what champions to get ourselves.
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