How i feel about maining ADC right now and some ideas how to improve soloQ for future

Hello guys! Actually i would like to share some thoughts about some things that are happening ingame actually. So let's start with things i feel are problem: -Right now there is a problem with communication... People clearly are not into chatting, msot of them does "Fullmute all" and it feels really hard to cooperate with people -Game is all about who gets worse players, and it's worst... Actually game works like this in lower ranks (Under D3+), whenever you gets team that not fed, you can hit ur items as ADC, you can do DMG in fights. When your one lane loses (top/mid/bot), game is clearly lost... Well, maybe not in bronze, but even gold players understand how to abuse ur advantage on the lane. -Last thing as for myself... To do something as ADC, you must mostly hit 2+ items. Only champs that builds guinsoo have such power spike to do something, rest is not that big. And that's quite of a problem. So what i think should be added to league? -Voice chat - Many people thinks that "it's not needed" or "people will be toxic"... That's fake. When there will be voice chat, you can actually work on your teamwork and communication... It can even helps to go pro for new high rank players. People who says that it's not needed, there should be available mute button or turn off button if someone don't want to talk. -Second thing will be cleared in upcoming season, i think the changes riot showed us yesterday for next season are clearly what we want. -For third thing... It's quite hard to make it. I've played before a lot of smite, and the game provided 2 ways of building for ADCs, Crit build that gives u a chance to do more dmg, but it's risky if it won't hit mark and penetration build with some stacking items. Look, what about adding stacking items to the game? Or maybe items that gives pure Attack speed and AD? There is no item ingame that provides AD and Attack speed in good amount in good price. We have botrk, but botrk is situational, and this item overall for adc is not that great since it provides not big amount of AD, but gives u life steal. Imagine something like item with 60 AD and 40% attack speed for like 3,5k gold. it would've been awesome to get something like this. And when it comes to stacking items. Maybe something like cull, but into dorans blade that when you kills 50 minions it gives you 15% attack speed? Not everyone would sell starter item so easily if it provided something small like 15% attack speed after fully stacking it, it would've been worth of using it. What do you think guys about it? Give me some feedback and share ur ideas about the game and how to improve it :)
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