"It's always junglers fault,gg."

HOLD UP. What did you just say 1/6 ? LISTEN YOU LAZY CRAP. YES YOU,YOU HEARD ME. First and foremost,junglers have feelings too, k ? You** CAN'T ** just go and ask for a gank at the first 3 minute,think it. Why do you force your jungler to come to your lane while you have 13 farm feeding like hell ? Stop thinking that actually the jungler is your babysitter,2nd support,saviour,god,mercy. IF you can't handle your own lane,don't throw it all to the jungler,keep it to yourself. Junglers are NOT responsible for your own butt.When you hear "Everyone is doing mistakes" IT doesn't mean that you,especially yourself are doing always the right and everyone else's fault cause you died 1v5.It does mean,that EVERYONE is doing mistakes I do,your friends do,your family do,your teamates do,pro players do,even faker does,and also..YOU period. You are saying "0 ganks 5 mins" "0 ganks report my jungler,ty.". EXCUSE ME,is there any category on the report section for that ? Or you want to get reported for you being unsportsmanlike and as a result making threads on forums "why did I get banned rito plz i put a lot money $ on this acc my brotha fault,my jg no gangs,my team suxed no help,etc,etc" Also,every jungler can f*ck it up sometimes,so do you.You don't have to unleash the hounds. /mute all Peace.

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