There's no elohell... LoL is the hell.

Hi guys, Now don't get me wrong, I love League of Legends, I love playing it. I saw recently topics like this: 'Bronze = The true Elo Hell' 'Silver=Elohell?' 'Ermm.. Gold is elohell?' 'Plat is the real elohell.' 'Diam is elohell.' Now let's start by Bronze. People say that Bronze is elohell because people in this division are unexperienced with the game. Silver. People get an ego boost as soon as they leave Silver since they'll still be in lowsilver, once they reach highsilver they'll keep showing off but not to bronzies, to other silver players. Gold. When people get out of gold, they think they are officially out of 'elohell' so they keep showing the same attitude. Plat. This is where people tryhard as much as they can to reach Diamond, but it's still full of trolls etc. Diamond. This league is probably full of trolls/AFKers because nobody plans to go pro so they just keep trolling having fun a bit. But, the truth is, there's nothing such as Elohell. Wherever you go you'll find trolls, AFKs, feeders, etc. It's not about the division, it's about the community. I heard in Master/Challenger you never really see anyone flaming, but I def saw many trolls. (The other day Gripex was playing just to find himself with a troll teemo that went about 1/23. He didn't really get mad and said he doesn't give a shit if he loses some LP and he's reporting him and sendin' riot a video.)

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