Leaverbuster = unfair

I'm not the type of player that leaves a game or goes afk because he's raging or something like that. I never was that type of player and i dont want to be this type of player... Anything is wrong with my graphic card and sometimes my pc just crashes and when i'm afk for 5 minutes (because i have to restart) i get leaverbuster. I just got 5min, 10min, 15min, 20min and now another 20minutes leaverbuster. Thats just not fair. Just because i have to restart sometimes and im not in the game for like 5-8 minutes i get this fucking shit. It crashed today another time (for the second 20min leaverbuster) and i just got this shit. I dont want to wait so long JUST BECAUSE MY FUCKING PC CRASHED. THATS NOt FUCKING FAIR. I CANT PLAY WITH FRIENDS BECAUSE NOBODY WANTS TO WAIT EVERYGAME. WHEN I'M IN THE 4 GAME OF THE LEAVERBUSTER THEN MY LOL JUST CRASHES FOR 1 MINUTE AND I HAVE TO PLAY ANOTHER AND ANOTHER AND ANOTHER AND SO ON. riot pls ;({{item:3070}} ({{item:3070}}({{item:3070}}({{item:3070}}({{item:3070}}({{item:3070}}({{item:3070}}({{item:3070}}({{item:3070}}({{item:3070}}({{item:3070}}({{item:3070}}({{item:3070}}({{item:3070}}({{item:3070}}({{item:3070}}({{item:3070}}({{item:3070}}({{item:3070}}({{item:3070}}({{item:3070}}({{item:3070}}({{item:3070}}({{item:3070}}({{item:3070}}({{item:3070}}({{item:3070}}({{item:3070}}({{item:3070}}({{item:3070}}({{item:3070}} League isnt funny anymore. You cant play with friends, you have to wait everygame. I switched my graphic card and nearly killed myself just because i didnt turned of the electricity. ;(
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