Guys chill out! RIOT servers are heating up! They doing their best to fix it! [PROOF]

Look at this! They will fix it **ASAP!** I heard some RIOTer went already to a grocery store for a new potato! ***--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*** ***NEW INFO:*** **Breaking news -** we can now confirm that the main potato has overcooked and the backup toaster has malfunctioned and blown the main fuse. As far we can tell nobody is being fed currently and there seems to be no solution to the problem. ***---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*** UPDATE! The new potato is up and runing! Enjoy it until the new one burns once again! Have Fun and Good Luck on Fields of Justice! ***-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*** UPDATE!#2 There is a photo done by Heimerdinger Obviously they improved servers and expanded them! Long live the potato! ***-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*** **_UPDATE!#3_** Potatoes overcooked AGAIN! ... RIOT is trying to fix it! Stay tunned for more updates! ***------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*** **_UPDATE!#4_** Seems like some RIOTer wanted to do potato salad and mistaken servers with free lying potatoes ... Those are servers now! -.-" EXCLUSIVE!
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