I think kayle needs a rework.

She currently works but her current kit has been nerfed so much over the time. her q used to give you increase damage and have a 1 to 1 ap ratio now its like 60% with only the 3 second slow. her w is ok these days but does anyone remember when her w speed buff lasted 20 seconds? (the newer players are like what the fuck is wrong with this dude it cant of. Yes it fucking did believe me or go search through like... 50 patch notes) and her e has been gutted pretty hard. currently its like 15% bonus ap to your main target and like 30% to people in an aoe. i know it used to have a 50% ap ratio and according to my friend (im not saying he is right) appently it used to have an 80% ap ratio? Her r used to be twice as long at every rank. (so 6 seconds at rank 3... it was also on a shorter cooldown) I think kayle needs a rework to be honest she is just this champ that sees 0 play until "herp de derp secret op combo found like {{item:3085}} {{item:3124}} " and then every fucker and their dog is playing her. To me that kind of seems like bad design people not wanting to play and becoming extremely broken when she can abuse items leading to all the nerfs she has had over and over again. I dont think the main reason a champ should see play is because she can abuse some items. Do you think kayle needs a rework?
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