Yasuo is ridiculous

Yes, we know. We've seen a million of these discussions already, do we really need to make more? It has already been confirmed that Riot will be taking a look at Yasuo shortly. These Yasuo discussions have turned into upvotewhoring at this point. There are a couple of different types of these discussions: * Yasuo is simply too overloaded. * You played Yasuo before it was cool, and you want him to not be in a permabanable state anymore? * You are a Yasuo main and even YOU think he is too strong? * YASUO IS OP GUT PLS. * (People make too many posts complaining about Yasuo) Welcome to the group, you may join the other 12538725 Yasuo discussions this week. I cant be the only one bored of seeing these discussions spammed every single day. Riot will be taking a look at him, they get it, give me some memes instead. (STILL AWAITING THE EU MEMES AND GAMES SECTION)

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