Voidbringer Ivern
Artstation Hey, boards! I finally got the chance to finish a personal project that's been in limbo for over a year now lol. I always love skins that do a 180 on a character and with Ivern being such a happy-go lucky individual I'd love to see a super serious scary skin for him.
Allo, So let's be real here for a second ...... Everybody knows what skin we need next. It's not a Ahri, Lux, Nami, Ezreal or M.F. ! It's my **BOY** Ivern! He just has his candy skin (which is not bad tbh, but I've played that skin so oft that I think the standard one is newer...) and that's all... I know that Rito isn't going to make much money of it, but I am so **desperate** for a new skin. (It would be enough just to know if they even want to make one and when.) ** feelsbadman** {{champion:427}} **pepehands**
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