wow. karma definitely doesnt exist. thats for sure.

i cant believe this. so i hate samsung. i have a galaxy s5, ive been waiting for android 6.0 since november, i made multiple threads on here about how much i loathe that i have to wait for samsung to add touchwiz and ruin a perfectly good android distro. anyway, regardless, today samsung finally released the android i wanted to update to since november. SINCE NOVEMBER. and i gotta say, im a really nice person irl. like...REALLY NICE. and i really dont expect anything in return except for maybe bullshit like today to not happen. so i find out the upgrade is out, but i dont upgrade, instead i go to work because i had no time to upgrade the phone, i stop by a coffee place to grab coffee. and in the process of paying for coffee i have my phone stolen. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. i have no money to buy another s5, and i wont for a long time, and i dont even want an s5, i was hoping to make it work till the surface phone comes out and get that, since im done with iphone (too limited) and android (too many complaints to list here). but seriously. im so sad right now. like not even mad, just sad. very sad. im stuck with an old nokia for i dont know how long.
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