Preseason Update: Runes Reforged - why same refund for different cost runes?

Hello Riot, I asked a question at Riot Games Player Support and was redirected to ask the question here. ‏ - - - ‏ Why are the runes refunds same for all types of runes? Most expensive runes cost 4 times the cost of the cheapest ones (Marks/Seals/Glyphs 205 - 820 IP, Quints 512 - 2050 IP). Yet with the current plan people will get the same 100 Blue Essence for a 205 IP M/S/G and a 820 IP one (and similarly the same 300 BE for a 512 IP Quint or a 2050 IP one). So the rewards/refunds can range anywhere between 12.2% up to 58.6% of their purchase costs depending on what kind of runes the player has. Why not just make it a stable 25% of their purchase cost refund? Or any other number that you decide is fair. Looking forward to your answer, Blacknet
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