Community makes this game suck hard

League has become such a roulette game, u either have luck and get teamed with decent human beings, or complete and utter mongoloids that flame since min 1 nonstop and they have the audacity to say the person that THEY FLAMED, flamed them OMEGALUL im having like 8 games like this and barely 2 out of 10 with humans, the rest i dunno what to call more exactly, its either they are very young, or simply mentaly unstable, i click that play button and i dont even think what champion to pick whats my lp how am i gonan win i need to win etc, no i think PLEASE GOD GIMME A TEAM OF DECENT HUMAN BEINGS, its kinda sad it came down to this and ive seen it on every major league stream its the same no matter the elo they all complain about this roulette system where u get teamed up with...... still dunno how to call them, wish i could play a game in peace and not be flamed or trolled 80% of the time. Make this game pay 2 play or begin to bann ppl hard, cant think of any other solution to cut down this plague.

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