I think I played enough

Hello kind people ! After playing the game for about 6 seasons I don't know what to do anymore . My story begins with one simple trailer of League of Legends . I felt in love with this game . Season One was great and after I reached level 30 I started to play ranked . There was an Elo System and I reached 1700 elo points. I was like yeah I'm good at this game :D . After recent updates the division system came out , after playing the 10 games I was qualified in Bronze I ! :D I was so happy since I didn't knew that there are divisions than bronze . :D I skipped Season Two rank because I didnt feel like I need to play ranked so I spend all of my time in normal games/dominion. Season Three came and I was thinkin that I got some improvements so I jumped into rank.The result was Gold 3 and I was like : WTF ! :D , unfortunately I was not strong enough to get over Gold division and I remained Gold I until the end of the season.Good old times ... :D Season Four I climbed to Platinum I and I remained there until the end . Season 5 I was so excited to see where I will go this time , after 7 - 3 qualification I went plat 3 and from there on with like 125 games I wend Diamond 5 . I was like : Yahoooo , finally I went where I wanted by myself . Season Six is the most terrible season in my whole gaming history: -More Feeders -Trolls -Ragequits -High Ego -Dynamic Q I think I played enough. After almost 600 games in Plat ( I got to Plat 2 three times and I was demoted three times to Plat 5 due to huge loss streak) I was stuck in Plat 5. I don't feel any joy in playing this anymore and I don't have what to do anymore since division means nothing in Season 6. Thanks for reading this. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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