Wrongfully banned

So a thread early today just got deleted. I took some time to exchange comments with the TE, so I was a little concerned. ######(It was about him beeing wrongfully banned for inting, he made a wall of text how it wasn't inting and responded to every comment convincingly why he is not guilty. He was also Plat 1, played for 8 years) Last time I checked, someone viewed the game of matter, took replays out of it, uploaded them and linked them easily viewable in a comment. Now I don't know why the thread got deleteted, but since I couldn't reply to the commentor of question otherwise, I'd firstly like to really appreciate the time and effort he put to shine some light on this matter _for the community_. Because it seems Riot (and the TE?) doesn't really share on this matter for privacy reasons. But as some comments said, bans and ban reasons concern us all. Secondly I'd kindly like to ask, how to do exactly what the commentor did, load a replay from someone who's not in your friendlist, to potentially help clarifying inting bans and lastly I'm of course still curious why the thread got deleted.
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