The " If you deserve " mentality

I reed elo feedback all day , and in every post there are these guys who responds with something like : "If you deserve to climb you will climb " or "If you deserve higher elo , prove it " and tbh i don't understand how someone could be so ignorant . So basically they are saying that everyone gets what he deserves , well news flash pal THATS NOT HOW THINGS WORK . Do you deserve to win the lottery ? Do you deserve illness ? Do you deserve to be happy ? it doesn't matter what you deserve its a chance what you will get in life and games . It is combination of luck and skill in games , as long its team game you can never get what you actually deserve . You may be the best lol player , but if you are matched against the 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th best players and your team is from the worst 4 and you , you are losing this game . Do you deserve to win ? Yeah sure you are the best , did you win ? No , because your team wasn't . People may say the MMR is what matter . yeah sure but the games are what influence the MMR so its still chance . You have 20% involvement in whats happening in the team ( 10 % if you count the enemy team ) . If you are good you may bring these % up but unless you are smurfing or boosting some one chances are you are not that good to make a difference . So can you stop rubbing salt in people wounds ? I know you have your issues and you are always the smartest and the best at everything , you always have something to say , something to oppose . Can we drop the BS just this time please . {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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