Perma ban

I will accept my permban. The reason i will accept it is because i no longer give a %%%% about your crap game. I been playing this game since early season one have had the same account and pretty much done everything on my own. I manged to obtain every champ without buying rp, manged to get my self to diamond with out any one else's help but you know what its been the shittest journey there. I've come to realize that this game no longer brings me joy or happiness it just make's me mad and angry when i invest my time into ranked game's to be trolled by other. Its amazing because i don't remember the last time i ever ran it down mid or just decide hey %%%% it lets troll my team because some one was being mean to me. I feel sad that i wasted so much time in game that's doesn't care about player who want to try and climb and be the best they can, but care more about the words you say to other people. But who cares if the dude in your game ints or goes afk or makes you lose a game for free just because riot's system won't do anything about or even detect it. Who cares if you evenest the time to play the game just to lose because some else don't care as much as you when it comes to trying. But no lets ban people for use of words. Whats the point in carrying on a game where the people who try and improve are always the people who get punished the most. Like i try not to say stuff to people but it gets to point after playing so many years and having to deal with the same shit year after year that you can't take it anymore. But personally to me its blessing i have wait so long to get perma banned just so i wouldn't have to open it and play again, that's what happens when you're addicted just can't stop. The last to years off league have been the worst and riot keep up the punishment for no utter reason because they have no other way to deal with it. The best thing they can do is give you a chat restriction, 14 day ban or a perma ban because they just don't give a %%%% about you. Can't even be mad since the most i've wasted on this account is less £200 in over 8 years. But i guess ill never get back the time invested. The first 1-4 season where the best, it was fun enjoyable, but since then i can't say the same. All my friends quit, so its about time i did as well. The thing that put me over the edge was, i waited all day to try not get hit by riots shit matching system, i refused to play my last 2 diamond promo's just so i wouldn't get some one who was going to %%%% my game up, but what are the odds when i finally came around to play them, my first ranked of the day i get the one midlanner with 250ms the whole game causing me to lose with out a chance of ever winning. That fair right, he loses me my promo's and i get the perman ban for telling him to not play when he has shit internet. Enjoy the rest of your league days every one. Yet people like this guy are still allowed to go about and destroy ranked games. But don't worry riot is punishing every one who uses bad words. He's lost 19 game's that around 200lp lost for 19 other players. If you count the whole team is more around the 1k marker... "I'll explain a bit how it works. If a player continues to create a negative game experience, action will be taken accordingly as no level of toxicity is tolerated in our community. This is a game based on teamwork, so the way you send a message can make the difference between a negative or positive outcome and everyone should have the common sense to have a civilized behavior. The purpose of the chat is to discuss strategies, in order to win the game and have a good time. After all, the time is limited and it's always nice to make the best of it." The good old generic riot response. I'm the one creating the negative experience not the dude who's 0-8 within 6 mins. Ok riot. "I'm sorry, but this is going nowhere. I've explained how players get punished and that isn't ok to be rude to others, regardless of what they are doing. Raise above, at least do it for yourself and for your peace of mind. We have thoroughly investigated the issue and provided you with our definitive answers on the subject. Our decision is final and won't be subject to change in subsequent tickets. Since you have no further concerns left that we haven't addressed, we consider this matter closed." Then they closed the chat. Ha Ha Riot game's finds even more way to ruin they reputation, i wonder where they hire these people, they clearly read from a script, its same generic response very bloody time.
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