My last ranked game was a 5v2

Both the easiest and saddest victory i have ever had. Equally as devastating for the 2 players left on the enemy team. It was at 12 min so they couldn't just surrender. The mid (i was mid as well) and jgl are the ones who stayed behind and were doing decently well. Bot got their asses wooed and top was just a bit behind as far as i remember. But to just quit a ranked game at 12 min? Like it has happened to me in a normal game before but a ranked? While this is one of the extreme examples and i'm not even sure if it's even possible to shift the blame on just one thing. In general tho the players were pretty much examples of the bad apples of the community no doubt BUT imo it also says a lot about the state of the game in general. The mentality that it's just over accompanied with the high damage meta and comebacks being hard to achieve i kinda see why they did it. Never justifiable but the reasoning is there. A speculation would be that one person quit, a surrender vote was issued and got rejected buy the remaining 4 players so another one just quit for seing it not worth doable as a 4v5 and just quit as well, followed by the 3rd player etc. Also b4 anyone uses it as an excuse, yes i'm a bronze "trash" but not only is this a time where Iron exists but also 3 PEOPLE QUIT A RANKED GAME AT 12 MINUTES, this is just not normal in any elo whatsoever.
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