People need to calm themselves.

This whole dynamic queue thingy has really got people in an uproar. It's not uncommon to see someone bringing it up whether it be a boards post like this or someone complaining about it in champion select. People can voice their own opinion, I have no problem with that and nobody should, but there are many people I've seen acting like a spoilt child raging at Riot being all like "Rito pls" and such but that's not the way to go about it. Riot are not gonna listen to you. I myself don't have a massive problem with dynamic queue, but I know people who are out-raged by it and if people want to have any sway with Riot, especially after they said what they said in that video, we have to stand together as a community and convince Riot to compromise on improving dynamic queue. People really need to chill out and take a breath because Riot won't care if people act like they're raging at a feeder. I said my piece. Good day all! Happy summoning!
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