This game is trash now and I don't wanna play Fortnite! Any suggestions?

Does anyone know what game I can play to feel like a normal person again? This game gave me nothing more than mental breakdowns every time I play it I already finished Witcher 3 with both of the DLCs (I pirated it mostly because I have no money) and that game kept me away from LoL for a period of time, but as I finished it I started playing LoL again because I have nothing more to play And I sure as hell aint gonna play that cancer of a game that Fortnite has become This game just keeps on becoming worse and worse and ppl are right about random champs on botlane, Every champ I play is either banned or doesn't go well with my teamcomp I used to win tons of games by playing support now that is not the case I used to have fun That is now not an option Recently I discovered Quake Champions is free and I downloaded it only to see that it runs really bad on my PC literaly whenever I want to have fun, something is there to ruin it Every game that used to be fun for me is dead - TF2 (the game close to my heart that gave me lots of fun, killed by itself) - Overwatch (same thing over and over again, maybe thats why its called Overwatch, cuz you are forced to watch the same maps and same stupid drops from lootboxes over and over and over.. u get the idea) - Far Cry 3 (great story, nonexistant multiplayer) - GTA 5 (finished the story which was dope but the multiplayer felt slow and boring unless u played with a friend) - Dark Souls 3 (never had population on PC as much as on consoles) - Even %%%%ing Minecraft (which tbh is still a great game in my opinion, it gives you the world that is all for you to explore, create, survive. The reason that game brought a lot of attention by kids is because of what I just said. It lets them think freely, make friends, create, explore, everything that kids need) -U name it I remember times when games werent full of micotransactions and when developers made games with love and passion Does anyone remember those good old mobile games or just mobile operating systems in general Times change I know but what is with all that neverending need for rapid change Does anyone have any suggestions on which games could spark that inner fire again? That feeling when you feel happy with what you see in front of u? Witcher 3 did it for me but there was another game called Prototype 2 that made you feel like a badass.
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